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A Note of Gratitude from Fr Jonathan Austin on the Feast Day of St Jude Oct 28, 2012

This weekend we celebrate the Feast of our Patron, St. Jude Thaddeus (October 28). It is a tremendously uplifting time for all of us to give thanks to God for the countless graces and answered prayers we and so many have experience this year through the intercession of St. Jude. I wish to personally thank each and everyone of you for joining us for this celebration.

While our beautiful chapel may be small, it has a large and powerful impact on every person who walks through our doors, and countless others who are lifted up to God in prayer each day with the intercession of St. Jude.

I must say that even as a priest, before my time here, I was not fully aware of the deep devotion that so many thousands of Christians have to St. Jude.

St. Jude has given us ample reason to have such great devotion to him. Many people have shared with me their personal stories of how St. Jude has aided them and their loved ones in their time of great need.

Illnesses have been healed. Jobs have been found. Marriages have been restored. Families and friends have been united. Financial crises have been averted, and many other divine miracles have occurred right here in the Spiritual Gem of Downtown Dallas. All of these stories should give witness to me and to you as to how very important St. Jude Chapel is for the spiritual well-being of the People of God.

Prayer is the soul of St. Jude Chapel, and the Holy Eucharist is its heart. Regardless of where along the path each one of us finds ourselves in our spiritual journey today, we can rest assured that God hears our prayers and answers them, according to His Good Will.

We can feel great comfort in knowing that we have such a wonderful friend and powerful intercessor in St. Jude. Just as St. Jude gave up all he had, even his very life, to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, so too Jesus is calling us to follow Him. Through our prayer we encounter Jesus Christ and we receive His infinite mercy and love for us. St. Jude shows us the way.

It is our long-standing tradition to pray together the Novena to St. Jude after each Mass. In this Year of Faith, I pray with you that we will remain faithful in prayer and constant in good works to the glory of God. May we look forward with joy to that moment in divine eternity when we will thank St. Jude in person for all he has done for us through his intercessions.

On the Solemnity of All Saint, November 1st, I will celebrate my first anniversary as your priest. I am very grateful to the pastoral staff, volunteers and all of you who attend St. Jude Chapel for welcoming me into your lives.

I am honored to have this opportunity to sever you. I give thanks to God that we have seen wonderful signs of growth, not only in the number of people who make St. Jude part of their spiritual home, but in the depth of our commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church.

Please know that I am praying for you and your loved ones on this Feast of St. Jude and always. Thank you for your prayers for me as well.

In Christ Jesus,


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