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#TBT: Father Jonathan visits the Village of Cana

#ThrowbackThursday: Late November to early December in 2012, Father Jonathan Austin went to a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. One of the places he visited is the village of Cana which is mentioned in the New Testament. From Wikipedia: The transformation of water into wine at the Marriage …

#TBT: St. Jude Chapel 2013 Summer Social

#ThrowbackThursday – Organized by Father Jonathan Austin with the assistance of Janelle Moore and Bianca Benitez, the St. Jude Chapel community held its summer social at the Addison Conference Center on June 14, 2013

Letter from Father Jonathan to the St. Jude Chapel Community

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, On behalf of myself and the priests of St. Jude Chapel, I wish to offer my profound gratitude to all of you for your many cards, letters, gifts, and other expressions of spiritual support and Christmas blessings that you have bestowed upon …