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Events at St Jude 2012

Christmas Eve Mass 2012

For Christmas, St Jude Chapel celebrated the traditional four masses that are held for the Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord (the official name of Christmas).

Fourth Sunday of Advent at St Jude Chapel

During the Fourth Sunday of Advent, Father Jonathan Austin lit the four candles with a military service member (who is home for the holidays) and his family.

St Jude Chapel Annual Dinner 2012 - 1

Held on Friday, November 2, 2012 at Maggiano’s Little Italy at Northpark, the first ever St Jude Chapel Annual Dinner welcomed 198 devotees.

St Jude Chapel Annual Dinner 2012 - 2

Together with Msgr. Jack Myers, who says Mass every Wednesday at St. Jude Chapel, Carol Schultz, Business Manager and Cyril Fernandes, Facilities Manager at the Chapel, Father Jonathan welcomed the “parishioners” who hail from all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

St Jude Chapel Annual Dinner 2012 - 3

More Photos from the St Jude First Annual Dinner

Feast of St Jude Oct 28 -1

Sundays at St Jude Chapel in Downtown Dallas in always festive; but today, there is an extra eagerness among the devotees. Today is the Feast of Saint Jude Thaddeus, the Chapel’s Patron Saint.

Feast of St Jude Oct 28 -2

Aside from that fact, Saint Jude Chapel also made the front page of Dallas Morning News – “St. Jude Chapel provides oasis for downtown Dallas workers for four decades”. For a PR person, a small chapel nestled among the highrises of Downtown Dallas to get that kind of attention is a miracle. But, to a devotee of St Jude, that feat is not surprising. After all, Saint Jude is known as the “Patron Saint of desperate cases and lost causes” and miracles do happen.

Feast of St Jude Oct 28 -3

And today, that miracle is apparent. The normal churchgoers swelled to almost double. Devotees from around the Metroplex and out-of-towners paid homage to their patron saint. They brought food and flowers. But, most of all, they brought their faith and devotion.

Celebrating St Jude Oct 27

October 28th is the feast of our Patron St. Jude. Because it falls on a Sunday, there would be a two-day celebration beginning Saturday, October 27th. The Saturday Anticipatory Mass (October 27) was held at its usual time of 4:00 PM with the blessing of the relic of Saint Jude as part of the celebration. A reception with light refreshments followed.

Blessing of Pets 2012

In observance of the feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Patron Saint of Animals, Father Jonathan Austin celebrateb the “Blessing of Pets” at St Jude Chapel on October 4, 2012


The Sacrament of Confirmation was administered by Father Jonathan Austin at the Chapel on Pentecost Sunday, May 27, 2012. <a href=\"http://www.stjudechapel.org/confirmation-2012/\"><b>Confirmation 2012</b></a>

Order of Malta

DALLAS, June 24, 2012 – Bishop Kevin Farrell celebrated Mass for the Knights and Dames of Malta at St. Jude Chapel, assisted by Father Jonathan Austin, Chaplain of the Chapel.

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