Happy Father’s Day

St Joseph with Infant Jesus by Guido ReniOur first teachers are our parents. On this special day, that honors our fathers, let us pray for them, and ask that God the Father may grant His blessings especially on all fathers.

“Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad”

Father’s Day Prayer

God our Father, you govern and protect your people and shepherd them with a father’s love. You place a father in a family as a sign of your love, care, and constant protection. May fathers everywhere be faithful to the example shown in the Scriptures: steadfast in love, forgiving transgressions, sustaining the family, caring for those in need. Give your wisdom to fathers that they may encourage and guide their children. Keep them healthy so they may support a family. Guide every father with the Spirit of your love that they may grow in holiness and draw their family ever closer to you. Amen