Second Collection: Black and Indian Missions

black and indian mission2Catholics in the U.S. are familiar with all kinds of “second collections” taken up in their parish churches. But only one can claim status as the first ever!

Recognizing a need to call the faithful to support missionary work among African American and Native American Catholics, the U.S. Catholic bishops established this Catholic Church charity for the Catholic Missions in 1884 to administer a national collection—the first of its kind in the United States—to support missionary work.

Ever since the first Collection in 1884, the Commission has administered the yearly, national Black and Indian Mission Collection. The generosity of the good People of God allows the Commission to give helpful grants to dioceses across the country to operate schools, parishes, and other missionary services that build the Body of Christ in Native American, Alaska Native, and Black Catholic communities.

The Black and Indian Mission Collection (BIMC) exists to help bishops and dioceses to build the
Church in African American, Native American and Alaska Native communities.

Many people benefit from your support of the BIMC:

  • Students in the small mission school in the Deep South.
  • The Catholic community served by a native deacon in Alaska.
  • The Native American parish on the prairie. Your support helps all of them come to know Jesus.
  • The BIMC helps get good teachers in schools that would otherwise struggle to stay open.
  • Funding from the BIMC helps dioceses form lay ministers and catechists to spread the Gospel in their own communities.
  • Supporting the BIMC helps encourage young Africa Americans and Native Americans to give their lives to the Lord as priests, brothers or sisters.