#TBT Stations of the Cross at St. Jude Chapel Lent 2013

lent-2013-18#ThrowbackThursday: Ever since Father Jonathan, Fridays during Lent has become a big part of the St. Jude Chapel community wherein many pray the Stations of the Cross.

Partly as a welcome to everyone who attended the prayers and partly as a celebration of the ever expanding congregation, a light meal is served. This practice continues up to today.

Accompany Jesus on His last journey, as He makes His way to His crucifixion. The “Stations of the Cross” is one of the traditional ways we can pray and remember Christ’s suffering during Lent.

We encourage you to make the Stations of the Cross as often as possible during this Lenten season. Stations of the Cross take place every Friday during Lent at 11:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.