The Mark of a Disciple

jesus on the crossMany people can be known by the uniforms they wear. DART bus and train operators, airline flight crews, police officers, firefighters, nurses, soldiers, nuns, and priests. Wearing a uniform grants them instant recognition, and shows their willingness to serve others.

Jesus teaches us that all of His followers must wear a uniform that is visible. The uniform that Jesus asks us to wear is not made of cloth or adorned with brass and gold braid; it is a uniform of love. We must be patient, merciful and tolerant, and not aggressive, opportunistic, or over-bearing.

People should be able to look at our concern for others, and our willingness to sacrifice ourselves, and say, “That must be a Catholic, I can tell.” Other people of faith, and even those without faith in the Lord, can and do exercise all of these qualities – and they should – but our compassion as Catholics has to be outstanding and consistent.

How often have people been surprised to learn that you are a Catholic? If you answer never or at best very rarely, then it shows that you have not been wearing God’s uniform of love.